SnapLa! Group

We're SnapLa! Group serve you by providing photos and offer a design services for all types of businesses. Our group move in two (2) team, one for outdoor activities such as photography; and other is indoor activities that focus more on design.

SnapLa! Group outdoor services include:
  • taking memorial events photos/video
  • taking lovable wedding photos/video
  • taking prestige graduation photos/video
  • taking portraiture and landscaping photos/video
  • taking corporate photos/video

SnapLa! Group indoor services include:
  • creating business card, file folder, letterhead, and other designs for corporate identity
  • creating corporate profil layout presentation design
  • creating banner, bunting, backdrop and other designs for event and ceremony
  • creating and tracing/vectorising the logo
  • creating story book and custom picture album
  • editing photos / manipulating image photos
  • editing video for event montage, corporate video, documentary and many others

Even though we're small but we believe we can give a 101% commitment and performance in our profession . If you need us, call us at
  • Ct Jajaa   +016-925 7336
  • El Harfe   +6012-440 0029 
  • Eqbal       +6013-972 7287
  • Hi-Kay     +6013-986 6843
  • Naimi      +6012-962 3096